Statement by Blake Harbin on the Atlanta Press Club Debate for the 6th Congressional District


Blake Harbin gained substantial momentum following the only televised debate held for the congressional candidates in Georgia’s 6th district. Hosted by the Atlanta Press Club and Georgia Public Broadcasting, Harbin challenged several of his opponents on their inconsistent voting records and lack of experience in bidding for the seat.


“Almost 15 years ago I was in an accident that left me paralyzed. I thought I was on death’s doorstep. But I fought back. I overcame adversity. I started a small financial business and through the ups and downs learned invaluable experience that I want to bring to the 6th district to help others,” Harbin said following the debate.


“Experience matters. We need doers, not talkers. When people ask me why I am running for Congress, I tell them because we are in a fight for the survival and soul of our country. Teddy Roosevelt said, ‘speak softly but carry a big stick.’ I say it is time to start speaking loudly so our voices are heard,” Harbin continued.


Harbin has lived in the 6th district almost his entire life. He knows the communities and he has helped the people. His work to save thousands of jobs during the COVID pandemic and create more is a testament to his character.


Watch the 6th district congressional debate here.