Outsider and Local Businessman Blake Harbin To Seek Georgia’s 6th District U.S. Congressional Seat


Blake Harbin announced his candidacy today for the U.S. Congressional seat for Georgia’s 6th district. Raised in Georgia, Blake is a small business owner and political outsider. Over his 25-year career he has helped families realize the American dream of owning a home and building a future. Owning a small business has tested him and shown what it takes to survive and succeed. He is a husband, father and grandfather and serves others in numerous charitable and community organizations.  

“People are tired of politics and politicians. Georgians deserve better. They deserve more. While our country deteriorates because of the reckless actions of Joe Biden, it is our families that suffer the most and are hit the hardest.” said Blake.

Currently held by an ineffective and lackluster Democrat, the 6th district seat is viewed as vulnerable and represents a compelling opportunity for Georgians to take it back. Blake’s message and plan for Georgians is simple. He will fight for us and he will fix the problems caused by Biden’s broken government.

Click here to watch Blake’s announcement video.