In a Sea of Roe Vs. Wade Opinions, Blake Harbin Has a Simple Message: “I Am My Own Pro-Life Story”


With the Supreme Court reportedly set to overturn Roe vs. Wade in a historic – and controversial – decision, many politicians are already sounding off on their opinions of the matter.

Blake Harbin, currently running for the Republican seat in Congress for Georgia’s 6th District, has his stance as well. However, his is a personal story. 

In a new video released last night, Harbin carefully explained why he is pro-life. “I am my own pro-life story.”

Earlier today Harbin spoke at a press conference at Planned Parenthood in Marietta. “I was raised by a single mother who was pregnant in high school. She made a choice. She chose life. I’m here today because of her unconditional love and selfless sacrifice. Her courage was stronger than her shame,” he said.

“Despite countless struggles and missing out on parts of her own life, she gave me an opportunity to live the American dream.”

He concluded, “Life is a gift, and we should protect it at all costs.”

Harbin’s stance is part of his continued push for the Congressional seat, as he looks to help the people of Georgia. “There’s so much conflict in the world, and the Roe vs. Wade decision will likely add to it. However, I will continue my push to support the causes of Georgians. I’m here for them. I’m here for my family. I’m here for my mother.”

The video is available for viewing here.

Blake Harbin is the CEO of Houzzle Financial, as well as a proud Georgia small business owner and America First candidate who is running for congress in Georgia’s 6th district. Find out more at

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