Harbin Admonishes Georgia Secretary Raffensperger for Election Irregularities


After almost two years of efforts to reform Georgia’s election process fresh allegations of election irregularities have recently surfaced. Blake Harbin protested directly to Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, to immediately issue hand-marked paper ballots (see letter). Several counties including Cobb, Fulton and DeKalb have experienced voting machine issues and not having voters correctly registered in their districts.

“Secretary Raffensperger promised us transparency and security in Georgia’s elections. He failed to deliver. In the first week of early voting there were numerous election irregularities. And no doubt there will be more. Voters need to know their vote counts,” Harbin stated.

Earlier this week election officials in Cobb County had to reboot voting machines overnight due to candidate lists being incorrectly programmed. In Fulton and other counties, registered voters were not properly transferred to the correct districts resulting in improper absentee ballots being sent out.

Harbin commented, “Georgia was the epicenter of election integrity issues after the 2020 elections. The entire nation was watching us. Now, once again, they are witnessing more election irregularities because our Secretary of State could not get the job done.”

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