Blake Harbin Surges in New Poll for Georgia’s 6th District, Closes Gap as Primary Nears


Based on a new poll released today by the Harbin for Georgia campaign, conservative outsider and successful small business owner Blake Harbin has surged in the standings with 6th district voters. With less than two weeks until the May 24th Republican primary Harbin has closed the gap in a crowded field of nine candidates.


Harbin, who runs a commercial and residential mortgage business and is an outsider to politics, has benefited from offering a strong economic plan to voters. His decades of experience in small business and creating jobs has positioned him as a viable leader to tackle inflation and help families recover from the economic challenges plaguing the nation.


“The incredible gains by our campaign shows the momentum that we have built with voters in the 6th district. They have spoken and we are listening. Economy and education are two important priorities for Georgians. Stopping Bidenflation, cutting taxes and creating jobs are the foundation to our economic recovery. Fighting for parental freedom and choice in children’s education is without question a must,” Harbin stated.


“We are seeing a tremendous increase in support across all major demographics. We expect to fully close the gap before the primary election on May 24th based on several indirect factors that are becoming clear to the voters. Rich McCormick does not live in our district and does not know the people. In addition, his judgement is substantially compromised due to his vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Jake Evans supported defunding the police, and only recently moved into the 6th district solely to run for office. He is an opportunist that knows nothing about our communities,” Harbin commented.


Harbin has worked hard across the 6th district to talk with voters about the important challenges and issues to them. The results show that voters do not believe lawyers or doctors are the best qualified individuals to represent the interests of the people. Instead, they are looking for someone with a business background who will tackle the tough economic issues confronting Americans.


The poll conducted by E-GSC had a sample size of 3,600 likely Republican voters from the 6th district.