Blake Connects with Voters at Forsyth County Town Hall


Blake Harbin participated in the Forsyth County Town Hall, representing the first time the candidates engaged on key issues relevant to voters of Georgia’s 6th congressional district. The Town Hall focused on five central topics that will take center stage during the mid-term elections this November including education, second amendment, individual freedoms, election integrity and the economy. 

Harbin was able to outline his vision and solutions to fix what the majority of Americans believe is a “country being led in the wrong direction”.  Rampant inflation, chaotic supply chains, and higher prices at the gas pumps have destroyed the American dream for so many. Harbin believes the economy can be turned around saying, “Here is what I want to do. Cut taxes because we know it works. Stop wasteful government spending which is the primary driver of the high inflation hurting Americans. Return to energy independence and bring back American manufacturing so we do not have to ever rely on another foreign nation again.”

Blake’s message to the voters was clear. He has faced adversity throughout his life but always fought back. Now he wants to take that fight to Washington, DC saying, “We do not need more ineffective, establishment, swamp dwellers misleading us or hurting our interests. We need an outsider that will bring real experience to the job.” He offered a compelling path forward for the 6th district and Georgia. His solutions will turnaround years of failed liberal policies.