Benzinga/ Blake Harbin gives opposing view on Biden’s America


On January 19, 2022, Joe Biden gave just his second full news conference in his first year in office in what Houzzle Financial CEO Blake Harbin calls an attempt to curtail drastically sinking poll numbers as he and the Democrats prepare for the 2022 midterms. In his address, Biden focused on several key issues that he believes his administration has made significant "progress." However, Harbin says he believes millions of Americans share a different opinion.

According to Harbin, despite Biden's populist messages, he did not accept responsibility for his policy failures and refused to acknowledge that much of his domestic agenda collapsed because of members of his Democrat party. Biden seemed confident that his agenda would be back on track, moving forward, portraying himself as a successful leader who has made tremendous progress.

Blake Harbin responded to Joe Biden's speech saying, "Joe Biden claimed that passing Build Back Better would help stop inflation, lead to reduced spending by the government, and create economic growth. However, the Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly indicated that Biden's plan will increase inflation, and create additional government spending."

Regarding Joe Biden's voting reform bill, Harbin says it created more loopholes and problematic issues for holding federal elections.

As for Biden's refusal to acknowledge his low support among Americans, Blake Harbin points to his sagging national polling numbers.

Furthermore, Harbin says Biden declared that he would defeat Covid-19 and that he would not lock down schools or the economy, yet he did both and now he is saying we need to continue to work to get back to living.