Protecting Your Livelihood 

We need to unleash America’s economic engine. Historic inflation by the Biden Administration will cripple our ability to provide for our families.  Basic economic policy throughout our country’s history shows lower taxes leads to economic growth. Raising taxes does not. America needs small businesses to succeed. We need to support employees that were disproportionately affected by government mandated shutdowns. The Biden Administration’s solution is to spend your money to fix problems it created. The fiscal irresponsibility is staggering and must be stopped. The spending is out of control and the deficit continues to soar. Also, Americans shouldn’t be forced to choose between getting a shot or going to work to provide for their families. America’s economic security comes from hard-working Georgian’s. The 6th district is home to the “Technology City of the South” with over 700 high-tech companies. Our economic policies need to protect our people and give them opportunities to provide for their families. 


Fighting for Your Freedom in Education

The bedrock principle of our country is freedom. This includes the freedom to support your children in their schools. The freedom to have a voice in what they are taught and how they learn. Across America we have seen our country ripped apart by extremists that think they know what is best for our children. We have seen Biden’s Department of Justice demonize parents that speak out regarding their children’s education. We have had enough. Parents are fighting back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the hidden dangers that exist with indoctrinating our children and grandchildren. This includes liberals classifying our children as oppressors and victims. We need to teach our children how to think, not what to think. Blake will stand up to the dangerous agenda the liberals are trying to use to terrorize our children. 


Safeguarding Our Citizens Against Crime

Protecting our families, and our loved ones is essential to building stronger communities. Under the Biden Administration crime has risen to an all-time high in major cities around the U.S. and it continues to spiral out-of-control. Right here in Georgia, the district of Buckhead has experienced such an unprecedented rate of crime that it is suing the state to secede in order to protect its residents. Crime cannot be tolerated under any circumstance. It destroys the fabric of our neighborhoods. It attacks our economy. It destroys our livelihoods. Blake will fight against efforts by Democrats to undermine our rule of law. He will support more funding for law enforcement including training and deterrence programs. He recognizes that our neighborhoods and our neighbors have the power to prevent crime. 


Renewing the American Dream 

We need to bring back American pride. We need to bring back American ingenuity. More than three quarters of our country believes the Biden Administration is leading us in the wrong direction. Biden has failed in every foreign policy initiative including Afghanistan, Iran and has even opened the door for China to buy our country. He has failed at every turn domestically creating historic inflation, jamming up our supply chain so our people do not have basic essentials on the shelf, and has dismantled our ability to be energy independent. Blake understands the importance of giving families a chance. Across Georgia he has worked with numerous families to fulfill the American dream of home ownership, giving them opportunities to build a better future. 

It is time to bring back the American dream. It is time for Georgia to lead this country to greatness once again. We need to “Make it in America.” We need to bring back manufacturing in critical areas including pharmaceuticals, biotech, agriculture, and energy. We need to stop sending our microchips and other high-tech components to be made by other countries. Bringing back manufacturing to the U.S. is vital to protecting our national security. We will develop partnerships between the private sector and educational / research institutions. Rebuilding Georgia will ignite our efforts to restore America.   


Securing Our Border

A record high 2 million illegal immigrants crossed the border during the Biden Administration in less one year. Here is why it matters. The number one responsibility of the U.S. government is to protect its citizens. Yet, illegal drugs are flooding the U.S. and harming our children. Every day 142 Americans die from opioids, and Georgia is among the top 11 states with the most opioid overdose deaths. Cartel and MS-13 gang members are illegally crossing the border and running sex-trafficking rings and other criminal enterprises. Known terrorists are infiltrating our cities and will undermine our national security. Allowing illegal immigrants to freely enter our country violates our laws and is a slap in the face to all those immigrants who worked hard for their right to be an American citizen. Blake will be the strong leader that protects our nation’s security and our people. Never again should we leave our borders unprotected. 


Backing the Blue

Law and order are bedrock principles that protect us. Supporting our first responders and law enforcement communities are priorities we all need to get behind. We depend on them. We should not defund them. The selfless sacrifices they make are for our safety. They deserve to know that we have their backs. Blake will work to protect our neighborhoods, and make sure that our first responders have the resources they need to safely support our communities. He will ensure our law enforcement agencies are uncuffed and have full authority to do their jobs. Protecting our people is not a political issue. It is the right issue, and we should support all of the law enforcement members that protect us. 


Election Integrity

Every vote counts. Every election must be free and fair. Our democracy depends on it. Voting is sacred for every American and we need to protect that right. We need to ensure that our elections are secure, and the integrity of our electoral process endures. If there is any hint of election improprieties it undermines the integrity of the results and calls into question the legitimacy of the process. No state knows this better than Georgia. The irregularities stemming from the Democrat’s actions from the 2020 elections is unprecedented. The damage that was inflicted by them must be stopped. It should never happen again in our state. We can establish more effective voter laws at the state level which is afforded to us by the U.S. Constitution. Also we can conduct regular audits of elections and reinforce voter protection initiatives. Protecting every vote safeguards our democracy. 


Your Rights and Your 2A 

The U.S. Constitution gives us all personal freedoms and liberties. The right to say what we think, the rights of the unborn, and the right to bear arms. As a constitutional conservative Blake will defend your 2nd Amendment rights “to keep and bear arms.” He will fight against socialism and the extremists that want to dismantle your rights and destroy the foundation of our democracy.  He will always support freedom of speech and the ability for all of us to have a voice in our government. Even when our government and big tech wants to censor us. And he will aggressively protect the unborn and their right to live. 


Supporting Our Veterans 

A resilient America needs a strong military. The Biden Administrations’ failures have eroded morale within their ranks and embarrassed our country globally. The tragic loss of 13 of our service members was an unnecessary loss of life. Their blood is on Biden’s hands. It could have been prevented. It should have been stopped. We need to support our military and show them we care. The Veteran’s Administration is broken and needs to be fixed. Restoring top-rate mental health services and healthcare for our military community must be a priority. We need to protect those service-members that protect us.