Georgia is my home. 


It is where I learned many of the values that have shaped my life. It is where I faced many of the challenges that life can throw at us. Raised by a single mother who overcame adversity, she earned her college degree while raising me. Despite not having much growing up we learned to survive on what we did have. Regardless of our struggles family always surrounded us.

Spending many of my childhood summers working at my grandfather’s asphalt company taught me that we have to work hard for what we want to achieve in life. He shaped my perspective on what it takes to run your own business, the adversities that we face, and the hardships that must be overcome. Most importantly he taught me that family comes first.

These values saved me after a tragic accident took away my ability to walk in 2007. When I faced the darkness in front of me, I was saved by invaluable life lessons that tested me. I used this tragedy to focus on triumph, and to overcome the obstacles in my path. This is what I want to do now for Georgia, for all of us. To fight for what we believe no matter how hard the struggle.